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It might seem like a bold statement to assert that creative expression can play a crucial role in self-discovery, holistic wellbeing, intuition connection, self-trust, freedom, increased confidence and agency. But hear me out. I stand by my claim.  What does “creative expression” actually mean? Put simply, it’s the act of translating your thoughts, feelings, and […]

Coloring Outside the Lines: The Power of Creative Expression for Gen X Women

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Respecting the Restlessness Within Are you feeling a sense of restlessness, a nagging feeling that something needs to change? It comes from within. The call is coming from inside the house! (if you get that reference, this article is for you!) In all seriousness though, it’s a message from your body saying now is the […]

 Midlife Wake-Up Call: The Urgency of Investing in Yourself Now

Let’s face an uncomfortable truth: women are often judged and shamed for daring to put themselves first. In a society that glorifies selflessness in women, prioritizing our own well-being can feel like a radical act. We’ve internalized this message to the point where even the thought of investing time and resources in our own personal […]

Taboo Talk: The Truth About Women’s Self-Prioritization

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