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Take a step back from overthinking and let visual language take the lead. Tap into your innate knowing through imagery, sensation, and intuition. Sign up for either a scheduled workshop or retreat, or inquire about a private, customized group workshop or retreat.

Harness the trans-formative power of creative expression

Harness the transformative power of creative expression

Online & in-person workshops & retreats

Our retreats are the perfect opportunity to relax, tune in, and reconnect with yourself in a nurturing environment where creativity and wellness come together. While many wellness retreats focus on meditation, massage, and yoga, our retreats stand out with their curated blend of creative process, yoga, meditation, and similar practices. It’s like a big, warm hug for your soul. Hit pause and recharge your batteries.

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holistic wellbeing retreats

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Let yourself loose in these expressive arts workshops designed for personal growth and socio-emotional learning. We’ll paint, collage, and scribble our way to self-discovery. It’s all about letting go and finding your voice through art. In OSP, we set intentions, create art, reflect, write and connect through music. 

Popular topics:

  • Drawing: Energy Made Visible
  • Watercolor: Flow & Let It Go
  • Painting: Honoring Your Creative Impulse
  • Collage: Greater Than the Sum of Parts
  • Mask Making (2 Part)
  • Multi-Media: Self-Portrait

Open Studio Process (OSP) based artmaking

Dive into the freeing world of art journaling, a fun process-centered tool where possibilities are endless and anything goes. By pouring your creative energy onto the page, you can find ways to tackle challenges, gain fresh perspectives, and find out what really matters to you. Art journaling isn’t about making pretty pictures; it’s a holistic journey that nurtures your mind and spirit, helping you feel whole and well.

Popular topics:

  • Art Journaling for Life Transitions
  • Future Self-Portrait: Visualizing Aspirations
  • Nature Connection: Finding Growth in the Elements
  • Dialogues with Inner Critic: Transforming Self-Talk
  • Wild Card: Unleash your Creative Freedom

Art Journaling

Expressive Arts Workshops

  • Judgment-free zone: no right or wrong, no good or bad. 
  • Process over product: it’s about the experience of creating, not the end-result.
  • No agenda: no preconceived notion of what you’ll create. 
  • Just for you: expressive arts are just for you. No need to share or explain.
  • Freedom and play: a rare treat and a powerful release of tension. 

What is expressive arts all about?

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Embracing curiosity: Curiosity is the opposite of judgment (of self and others).

Embracing exploration: Approach the process with a “what if” mindset, allowing yourself to explore new possibilities and ideas without fear of failure.

Embracing ambiguity: It’s about being open to the unexpected and unknown.

Being present: Be fully present in the moment, embracing the here and now with mindfulness and awareness.

Integration into life: Just as yoga teaches you to find comfort in discomfort on the mat, expressive arts help you carry these practices “off the mat” and into your everyday life. They teach you to navigate challenges with resilience, embrace uncertainty with grace, and approach life with curiosity and creativity.

Engaging in expressive arts is more than just creating art, it’s a practice in:

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Pricing: custom quote provided based on workshop specifics. 
In-person workshop location: within a 50-mile radius of Ann Arbor
Workshop duration: 2-hour standard 
Art supplies: provided as an option


Got an idea brewing? Let’s chat and flesh it out!
Have the perfect occasion but unsure how to proceed? Let’s brainstorm and figure it out!
Curious about the nitty-gritty details? Let’s chat logistics and make a plan!

Got questions?

Shake things up with your friends and embark on a hands-on creative journey together. Explore dreams and aspirations while strengthening bonds through collaborative expression. The possibilities are endless!

Friendship Adventures

Come together with friends and family to honor the life of a loved one through creative expression, sharing memories that bridge generational divides and celebrate their legacy.

Celebrating Loved Ones

Dive into topics that defy words yet yearn to be expressed, perfect for multi-generational family gatherings and families with blended cultures seeking to deepen understanding and connection.

Experiental bonding

Design your own unique workshop experience and connect with your group in a meaningful and creative way.

Custom workshops

Participant feedback


With the aid of your comforting and encouraging words, the inspiring music, and a supportive group of women, I was able to rise above my fear, and really let myself go. I was able to allow the artwork to come from my body, as opposed to my mind. A first for me! The end result was a crazy visual of nonsense, but I felt so triumphant!! It was liberating, and a huge confidence builder. 


I was most surprised that I had such clarity in my observations and that I had an emotional response to sharing my thoughts out loud. I felt safe in doing so and the retreat was a perfect catalyst for me to seriously explore my authenticity in this special phase of life. The main workshop was (also) valuable in exposing some areas of needed growth. 


Just wanted to say thank you so much for leading such a lovely workshop on Saturday. It really changed my life for the better and helped awaken some parts of me that were more or less dormant. I am so grateful to you.


I needed some generous space to just be (and not be the teacher/facilitator). The retreat met those needs in such an impactful way. I felt held, supported, and encouraged.


I came with an open mind and was surprised by how much letting go is fun and difficult at the same time. I loved everything about the retreat.