Drawing from my own midlife changes, such as sobriety, a divorce, an ADHD diagnosis, transitioning to an empty nest, and a total career shift,  I am passionate about guiding other women through their own journeys.

With my roots in art and design, I hold a deep appreciation for the pivotal role creativity plays in self-actualization. Through a blend of imaginative right-brain exercises and specialized creative techniques, I guide clients toward their most authentic self-expression, unveiling hidden insights and innovative solutions that go beyond the boundaries of analytical thinking.

  • As a neurodivergent ally with a late in life ADHD diagnosis, I understand the challenges and celebrate the unique perspectives it brings. 
  • I am committed to inclusivity and transparency and allowing my clients the dignity of their own process. This is an LGBTQIA+ welcome zone.

I believe that every woman who claims her rightful place in this world has a collective impact for the advancement all women. 

Susan Young




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My mission to empower women with creative healing and personal growth strategies. 

While the origins of the symbol are controversial and modern uses vary, I use the symbol to honor the divine feminine, the connection to lunar cycles, and the endless cycle of birth, life, and rebirth

The archetype of the Mother represents creative energy and abundance while the Matriarch represents wisdom, self-knowing and intuition. She serves as a compassionate mentor to our previous selves, and guides transition and transformation. 

The Triple Moon symbol depicts three moon phases, which correlate to the 3 significant stages of a woman’s life: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Matriarch. This community is in transition and embodies the latter 2 phases simultaneously. 

Why Triple Moon?

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