I help Gen X women reprioritize themselves and reboot their lives, free from the social conditioning that got us here in the first place.

My reboot was set off, at age 49, by my decision to stop drinking and enter therapy, ultimately leading to a full-blown multi-year life reinvention, on my terms. This journey took me through a divorce, becoming an empty nester, moving twice, kickstarting a creative practice, and a complete career change. 

I trained as a coach so that I can help women on similar paths reconnect with their intuition, return to self-trust, and bring the color back into their lives. 


As a neurodivergent ally with a late in life ADHD diagnosis, I understand the challenges and celebrate the unique perspectives it brings. 

I am committed to inclusivity and transparency and allowing my clients the dignity of their own process. This is an LGBTQIA+ welcome zone.

I believe that every woman who lives out loud in her fullest expression has a collective impact for the advancement all women. 

I'm Susan Young

Hey there, 

holistic life coach & creative guide

  • ICF Credentialed Coach, ACC
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Design (BFA)
  • Member, International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  •  Certified Facilitator of the Open Studio Process
  • Multi-media Artist



 life coaching & experiences


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While the origins of the symbol are controversial and modern uses vary, I use the symbol to honor the divine feminine, the connection to lunar cycles, and the endless cycle of birth, life, and rebirth

The archetype of the Mother represents creative energy and abundance while the Matriarch represents wisdom, self-knowing and intuition. She serves as a compassionate mentor to our previous selves, and guides transition and transformation. 

The Triple Moon symbol depicts three moon phases, which correlate to the 3 significant stages of a woman’s life: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Matriarch. This community is in transition and embodies the latter 2 phases simultaneously. 

Why Triple Moon?




Sharon spann

While working with Susan, I had an epiphany regarding the structure of my own practice that has led to expanded possibilities and a new niche market. In addition to being a great listener, Susan has a gentle yet effective way of asking questions that caused me to "think deep". That introspection was the contributing factor to both greater insights and meaningful results.

"Susan has a gentle yet effective way of asking questions."

Mary sarguios

I was able to resolve a deep conflict around the continuation of my business in one session with one powerful question. Susan asks insightful, strong, yet simple questions that come from deep listening. They are “like magic”. During my sessions, I’m able to consistently resolve misunderstandings or questions around difficult subjects. I highly recommend Susan as a Coach and wish to be coached by her continually! 

"…wish to be coached by her continually! 

Susan's story is quite inspiring & it's only natural that she'd make an incredible life coach because of it & her extensive background! She is a great role model for women who want level up their life, career, relationships or life purpose. I've loved seeing Susan's dedication to her business, clients, and growing coaching business! Book a call with her, you won't regret.

"Book a call with her, you won't regret."

hailey rowe

marybeth healy

I’m so grateful for my time with Susan, she provides an open, inviting space asking direct and insightful questions. Her curiosity helps me to reach my goal each session. Susan has a gentle, comforting energy, a wise presence capable of evoking awareness and offering support. 

"Susan has a gentle, comforting energy, a wise presence..."

Molly Ward

Susan is very personable which provided a sense of comfort to me, enabling me to be honest with myself (and her). There was an “ah ha” moment that energized us both and not only did I enjoy sharing that moment with her, it helped me recognize the value of letting myself be free to explore and verbalize my goals and preferences.

"…helped me recognize the value of letting myself be free to explore..."

Linda overberg

I truly enjoyed my coaching experience with Susan. She asked great questions, which led to some big but simple reminders about where I find inspiration. I can honestly say that I’m excited about what’s to come in my 50s and beyond. Here as my creative, inquisitive self. Someone who is so much more than any one job. Ready to enjoy whatever comes my way!

"…led to some big but simple reminders about where I find inspiration. 

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